We heard a while back that Google is developing a dark mode for the Windows and Mac versions of its Chrome browser. Now it also looks like the company is doing that for the mobile versions as well. The Chrome 73 beta for Android includes a dark mode which suggests that this feature will eventually be released for the mobile versions in the future.

The report mentions that the dark mode in Chrome 73 beta for Android is in very early stages of development right now. If you are running the beta version you will only find out that it’s there if you long press on a link or image and only if you have Android Pie’s native Dark Mode setting toggled to Always On.

There are also some cosmetic issues that need to be addressed. Of course, not all features that appear in the beta version make the final cut, though dark mode is a frequently requested feature from users so it should be safe.

With Google testing it for both desktop and mobile platforms, it looks like the company has made its mind up to offer a proper dark mode in its popular internet browser. Many have been waiting for it.

Source Ubergizmo